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  • "Hi Allison, It was really good seeing you too Allison, you're a talented artist and an inspiration! :)" "
    Sue Lidstone
    Hi Allison,
  • "Hi , me ( Alexis ) and my friend Jane has attended several art classes with you and will continue going every saturday .you have helped us paint and draw and it comes out great!..."
    Kids class Art Students.

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Paintings in acrylic and oil.

I have been painting since 2007, and I am loving it more everytime I paint, it is a very relaxing and a learning experience the continues with each painting.

I love to capture the beauty of our wonderful rugged shores of Newfoundland, the traditions, memories, and  even the people.

I  enjoy the challenge of portraits, either sketched, or painted, I enjoy doing the portraits in Black and White oil or acrylic paint on canvas.

Have a look at my art work, and if you would like a print, orginial, sketched portrait, painted portrait, or if you have a favorite photo you would like me to paint or sketch, just email me or call.

I also love to teach acrylic painting classes, it is so much fun, and I meet so many wonderful people, Would you like to try an Acrylic Painting Class with Allison Prior, only $20.00 for 2 full hours, pay for only the class you want to attend,, every class has a different painting. If you would like more information on the classes,  upcoming classes, or if you want to register for a class, email me [email protected] 

 Here is some information on my acrylic painting classes:
 All my Painting Classes will have  different scenes ,landscapes, seascapes, winter scenes, night scene's, dory's, sailboats, birds, people, ponds, lakes, snow, cabins, whales, icebergs, mountains, sunsets, deer, moose, animals,grass,flowers, colorful bushes, trees, waterfalls, rocks, mist, depending on what scene we are working on, plus you will learn drybrushing,wet on wet, how to mix paints, how to use a fan brush, and palette knife, how to transfer an image to your canvas for painting, and so much more, and at the end the 2 hours you will take home your beautiful masterpiece, these classes are for people who love to paint and learn, doesn't matter if you've been painting for a long time, or never painted at all, or never tried acrylics yet, these classes are fun, relaxed and exciting as the same time..you will paint along with me, that way you will learn better and faster, you'll be amazed at what you can paint in 2 hours..




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