Painting a waterfall step by step Painting a waterfall step by step Start the Sky First put tape 3/4's of the way up your canvas, which is set to "Portrait", to establish where the horizon begins. Then load a large flat bristle brush with blue paint and make long strokes across the canvas, add white and blend into blue, add some fluffy clouds with a small round brush just scrub them in..take your time and work on them until your happy.. 143338826 Add Tree's. Leave the tape on until your finished the tree's , use a fan brush loaded with black and some green paint, touch the canvas with your fan brush vertically and tap the trees in as seen. Take of your tape.. 143338827 Start the waterfall. Paint half of the rest of the canvas with black paint with a flat brush, then with the fan brush load it with blue paint, holding your fan brush horizontally touch your canvas where you want to start the waterfall and pull down, continue until your happy with the waterfalls..To make your rocks next to the waterfalls, take a small flat brush put on a small amount of brown and make small horizontal strokes, add hightlights with any color, could be blue, yellow, red, light brown or all of them, keep the rocks close together, but you should still see some black underneath. Then with fan brush use short horizontal strokes to add your water below the waterfalls, use a dark blue and light blue to get 2 different blues, don't let them become one color, see different shades of blue.. 143338828 Highlight the Waterfall Use your fan brush and use the same technique you did with the blue paint to start your waterfall, this time use White paint. At the bottom of the waterfalls add splash with your fan brush, just tap a little blue and more white on your brush to tap in the splash.. 143338831 Add Rocks and a small falls. Here you can add what you want, a few rocks, a small waterfall, flowers, tree, grass, to make the small falls just use the same fan brush and technique used for the large waterfalls.. Try it and have fun.. Contact Allison if you need help.. 143338832 Finished Waterfalls. Well almost finished, I may add more detail to the bottom half of my waterfall, adding a few highlights here and there makes the painting stand out, such as, putting more green on the trees, adding a bit of white paint to the water, if you do rocks us a flat brush to shape a rock with black paint, then add a lighter color for the top of the rock and blend it into the rock..if you do a waterfalls email it to me I would love to see your work.. Hope this helps, Happy Painting.. 143338833